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Office 365: A Guide


Office 365 is a set of tools and plans that can be subscribed to allow the subscriber to gain access to applications and other productivity services in the internet for home and office use. Some of services include skype for business conferencing, hosted emails and online storage such as OneDrive Business. Other services that can be subscribed are OneNote, Publisher, some of the latest office applications like Word, Excel, Power point and Access. It can run in your personal computers, tablets, android phones, iPhones and iPad. The subscription plans can be pain in monthly or annual basis.


There are a lot of benefits when subscribing for Microsoft office 365 such as not worrying of problems related to storage and system crashes. If you are subscribed to Microsoft office 365, you are allowed to store your data to the cloud and guaranteed to access anytime without interruption from electrical and hardware problems because your data are stored in multiple servers located in several parts of the world. There is no need to think of possible environmental issues such as typhoons and other natural disasters because the remote and multiple location of the servers will make sure that your data are safe.


Data security will be in its highest because these servers have built in security that has been tested through time. You have all the options to yourself, you can wipe out all data, and you can retrieve them anytime and more. There have been issues with cloud hacking but they are a thing of the past. With the recent security measures in place, hackers are off limits to these servers. Cloud data storage for spreadsheet app offers another convenient factor to users because you can work anytime and anywhere using different devices to access your data, if you accidentally left your laptop for a presentation, you can borrow the desktop personal computer of your company, a laptop of another person or access your data from your mobile device or android tablet.


You don't need to store your files in a USB device and fear that the device will be loaded with virus, have a mechanical failure and be frustrated that is may not be compatible with some computers. With cloud storage, you will have the peace of mind you deserve. The storage capacity of these cloud servers are virtually limitless for subscribers so that you will have larger mailbox storage, ease of retrieval of files and a well-organized mailbox system.